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Financial Planners and Video

Yesterday I was in Edinburgh at the Scottish conference of the Institute of Financial Planning. They had asked me to give a talk titled ‘Behind the hype: what can social media really do for you’. As you can see from the title, they were a little sceptical about it to begin with, and when I was preparing for the talk I realised that while there were perhaps some interesting things they could do with blogs, and Twitter, what I felt might really help them was online video. I showed them some examples of other financial products on YouTube, and explained how having video on their websites can really help with their SEO (search engine optimisation). Many of them seemed very interested in what I had to say, and could see the point in video as it’s a great way to allow their potential customers to get to know them and see if they were the sort of person they’d like to help them financially. I’m hoping that we’ll be seeing some videos about how to invest our pensions in Scotland appearing on YouTube very soon!

It was a great day and I even got some tips on managing my own finances. Thanks to the organisers for inviting me, and to the tech guys for making sure my presentation went smoothly, despite me wanting to include all sorts of complicated things like videos!

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