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eTool Houses Are Taking Over Sustainable House Day 2013

Sustainable House Day is a national program which invites people to open up their homes to the public and show everyone how easy and fun it is to live in a sustainable home!
This year the number of eTool houses involved in the event has grown with four new projects completing construction since last year’s open house.

All of our clients involved have tons of information on their websites for you to check out before hand and see what design features you want to find out more about.

If you’re in Western Australia, you can visit Josh’s House (we’ll be there with an eTool stall) and The Green Swing in Perth and Footprint Free on Fitzgerald in Geraldton.

Josh's House

Josh’s House – Hilton, Fremantle

Josh’s House is two three bedroom, two bathroom family homes on a divided block in 50s style suburb in Fremantle. The homes aim to generate more electricity than they use through solar power, be thermally comfortable year round without the need for air conditioning or additional heating and harvest and recycle water. The community feel of the entrance with a planted verge, tree log seats and firepit is a great addition to the neighbourhood. The perfect place to visit if you’re interested in in landscaping and gardening too. We’ll also be in attendance at Josh’s House as it will be the project’s official public launch with self guided tours, presentations and a chance to speak to the experts.

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