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Elementem: Bringing Your Walls To Life

We make the most beautiful wall decor in the world, because we started Elementem Photography with only one subject: the beauty of the natural world.  We make a clear decision about each photographer and print we choose to work with: does this take our breath away?  Does this image capture the essence of this wondrous world or does it take away from it?

Since the majority of the images we print are landscapes, from San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge, to Australian Piers, and across to Mount Everest in the Holy Himalayas, we know that we have a responsibility to not only capture that beauty, but to preserve it.  It is for this reason we have partnered with 1% for the Planet.  There is simply no better partner to share our commitment to the planet along with our employees, customers, and fans.

We decided to donate a percentage of our sales from 2012 to 5 different organizations that would allocate the funds to restoring the natural beauty to the world through foresting, education, and by providing water to those without it.  We let our customers decide how important these issues were to them to help us decide how much to give to which charity. We has an amazing response from our fans, with hundreds of votes.

Why choose the ones we did?

In order to perpetuate an understanding of environmentally friendly practices and educate the population about how human beings affect the climate, we donated to the Climate Reality Project.  We chose the Clear Water Carbon Fund, because they plant trees to help alleviate and purify water resources for wildlife and human consumption.  And we like water.  Similarly, we donated to the Appalachian Trail Conservancy because of its significant contribution to protecting the greenways of the Appalachians, which we have personally visited in Maine, New York, Massachusetts and New Hampshire.   Million Trees, a tree-planting organization that specifically targets the NYC area, was a very personal choice.  Most of us at Elementem Photography reside in New York City, and while we enjoy the hustle and bustle of the city, we truly fall in love with and in its parks.  Charity: Water we chose because they’re just rock stars at making the world a better place.

All of us at Elementem Photography are grateful for the opportunity to participate in this amazing program with 1% for the planet.  We are humbled and honored to help support the world we so cherish, and feel there is no better business opportunity than helping the environment.  Hopefully, together, with 1% for the Planet, our contributions will be able to make a small difference in the world for the better.

Thanks to Lawrence, the owner of Elementem Photography, for sending us this wonderful post!

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