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Declare your commitment to being a part of the climate solution with Ceres!

“We know that power plants are the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions in the U.S., generating about 2.4 billion tons of pollution last year alone. These new carbon pollution standards will help reduce the amount of greenhouse gas pollution emitted by new power plants – a significant step in tackling climate change and protecting the environment and our economy.” -Anne Kelly, Director, BICEP [photo courtesy: Ceres]

Ceres, a 1% for the Planet nonprofit partner, believes tackling climate change is an economic opportunity. For almost a quarter century, Ceres has worked to build a sustainable global economy for all. Its proven strategy is to mobilize business and investor leadership to reach sustainability goals, presenting a singular opportunity to re-imagine and reshape investment practices, business as usual, and market signals. Ceres’s newest project, “The Climate Declaration” is effectively mobilizing the business voice in support of U.S. action on climate policy.

The Declaration is a project of BICEP (Business for Innovative Climate and Energy Policy), Ceres’s coalition of leading consumer-facing companies that support U.S. action on climate and energy policy. At a launch event in Washington DC in April 2013, BICEP and 33 initial company partners announced the Climate Declaration, inviting both businesses and individuals to sign and thus sending a powerful message to policymakers, stakeholders, and consumers that these companies are joining efforts to confront climate change. Notably, in his climate address this summer, President Obama pointed to BICEP’s Climate Declaration as the eminent voice of collective pressure for action on climate change in the United States.

“We have to look after our future; and we have to grow the economy and create jobs. We can do all of that as long as we don’t fear the future; instead we seize it….don’t take my word for it — recently, more than 500 businesses…issued a Climate Declaration, calling action on climate change ‘one of the great economic opportunities of the 21st century.’” -President Obama, Climate Change Address, June 25, 2013

Key players in BICEP include 1% for the Planet business members Clif Bar & Company, New Belgium Brewing, and most recently Patagonia, Inc. Through BICEP, our members are joining together to work with policymakers to transition the US to a 21st century, low-carbon economy which will create new jobs and stimulate economic growth while stabilizing our planet’s fragile climate.

1% for the Planet, along with Ceres, believes we can all do more together than alone, and that mobilizing business leadership is a key lever of change. As we confront the critical sustainability challenges facing our world today, NGOs like Ceres and third-party environmental certifiers and consultants such as Benefit Corporation, Forest Steward Alliance, and 1% for the Planet, will continue to forge opportunities for large-scale collaboration among businesses and nonprofits.

How do you Give Back to Blue? Ceres brings key players together to advocate for effective climate and energy legislation, and invites you to be part of this movement!

  • Sign The Climate Declaration as an individual, and tell your policymakers that climate action matters to you.
  • Make choices as a consumer to support businesses that work to reach sustainability goals.
  • Support new carbon pollution standards as an investor.
  • As a business, you can sign the Climate Declaration now!

For information on how you can join The Climate Declaration, e-mail or call 617-247-0700. You can also follow BICEP’s progress along the way on their blog or on Twitter @BICEPnews

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