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COOL 2.0, energizing and engaging students through powerful Web-based learning!

GreenLearning Canada has just launched COOL 2.0, a powerful new online community for teaching and learning about energy and sustainability. We’re pleased to link up with COOL 2.0 and see great synergies for teachers and students in using  land-use simulation tools like Alberta Tomorrow coupled with COOL 2.0.

COOL 2.0 gives teachers access to the best education resources on renewable energy, climate change issues and solutions, and energy conservation and efficiency. Over 25 partner organizations have contributed to this rich database.

COOL 2.0 is a unique online community enabling teachers to customize education resources for your students and manage student learning create learning. In COOL 2.0, students complete assignments that integrate blogs, mapping, online discussions, media galleries and collaborations.

“One of our goals in developing COOL 2.0 is to focus on the solutions to climate change, not just the issues, connecting students to each other on action and to those outside the classroom that are making a difference: communities, individuals, corporations, schools and communities. A second important goal was to break outside the science and geography curricula — there are lots of resources for those subject areas — but the arts, business, and technology all play a key role in solutions, in fanning the spark of human imagination and inspiration that will be the solution!”

COOL 2.0 is for teachers, Grades 5 to 12, in Science, Geography, Design and Technology, Language Arts, and Business-Economics. It’s free, all you need to do is register.








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