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April Intervals Features and Improvements

We are committed to updating Intervals with improvements as often as possible. This April update introduces a new person activity feed, redesigned timer buttons, and a new calendar for selecting dates. Read on for more details.

View a person’s recent activity from their profile page

Person Feed ~ view recent project, milesone, task activity for a person

We recently introduced an activity feed to each project that allows you to see what’s been going on recently with a project. We’ve now extended this feature over to people’s profile pages. See what’s been going on recently with any member of your team.

To see this feature in action, click through to any person’s profile and notice the new Recent Activity box in the left column. Here you will see a few recent entries. To see more, click on the “View all activity” link.

From the person’s feed page you will be able to filter their activity by date and type. Need to know what your designer was working on last week? The person feed will tell you.

Redesigned timers

Redesigned timers are more intuitive

In light of some more subtle design changes we’ve been making to buttons throughout the interface, we decided to revisit the timer buttons. We’ve redesigned the timer buttons to be easier to click, take up less space, and provide a more intuitive time tracking experience.

A new calendar for selecting dates

New calendar for selecting dates on lists, views and reportsThere is a new calendar for selecting dates on the home calendar, list views, reports, and other areas scattered throughout the interface. Click on the calendar icon to select a date and you will immediately notice a cleaner, more intuitive, redesigned calendar.

Use the arrows to move the calendar from month to month, or click on the month name to jump to forward or backward a few months.

Optimizations and foundational work for upcoming features

In addition to the updates mentioned above, we’ve also completed a round of bug fixes and optimizations to help Intervals run faster. And we’ve overhauled some of the underlying code in the application to prepare for some new features coming up on our road map.

There was some heavy lifting to do in preparation for these upcoming features, but, we’ll soon be introducing a much more fluid calendar with more interactive projects, milestones and tasks.


We hope you enjoy this round of updates. Please feel free to send us any comments, questions, or criticism, by clicking on the “General question?” link at the bottom of any page from within your account. We love hearing from you. Meanwhile, we’ll be working on the next batch of features and improvements we have planned.

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