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A Legacy of Tea and Forests

Mike Harney starts his morning with a steaming cup of Assam tea. His father, John, prefers a healthful green tea. Despite such father-son differences, the two share a common bond: an appreciation for fine tea. 1983, when John founded the one-man operation that would ultimately become Harney & Sons Fine Teas, this passion was transformed into a life calling.

Harney & Sons is a family affair, proudly employing its third generation of Harneys. Their business is vertically integrated—meaning that the tasting, manufacturing, packaging, and distribution of Harney’s fine teas is done with a careful eye to tradition and quality that has been the family’s hallmark for the last three decades. It hasn’t gone unnoticed; one of Mr. Harney’s first customers was a gentleman by the name of Chuck Williams, better known as the founder of Williams-Sonoma, and continues to be a valued customer today.

The Harneys’ passion for tea is matched by the family’s great love of the outdoors. Growing up hiking through eastern hardwood forests on the Appalachian Trail and cross-country skiing the White Mountains of New Hampshire, the family was inspired to run Harney & Sons in a way that reflected their deep commitment to the environment. And as the business expanded nationally, the Harney family decided to help protect western forest landscapes. Dedicated to the conservation of family-owned forests across the West, Pacific Forest Trust (PFT) was a natural fit to help Harney & Sons advance their commitment to environmental stewardship.

For more than two decades, Pacific Forest Trust has helped generations of forest landowners conserve their forests for the wealth of public benefits they provide, such as clean air and fresh water. Founded by a diverse array of forest stakeholders, including landowners, scientists, and conservationists, PFT provides incentives for sustainable forest management through working forest conservation easements.

Recently, PFT helped to permanently conserve 2,170-acre family-owned and operated Campstool ranch with a working forest conservation easement.

Pacific Forest Trust (PFT) is also leading an effort for the first major expansion to Yosemite National Park in 75 years. As Yosemite faces new challenges from development encroaching on its western boundary, PFT is working with the National Park Service to buffer the park from the west by protecting 1,600 acres that border Yosemite and Sierra National Forest.

Now, as the National Park Service is getting ready to celebrate its 150th anniversary, the Yosemite Expansion Act was introduced in both chambers of Congress. This effort enjoys broad bi-partisan and public support.  Help to preserve John Muir’s legacy.

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