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1% For The Planet – Bread & Butter Marketing’s Membership

First of all, I should really issue an enormous apology for the fact that this post comes nearly a full year after the last post on our blog. The main thing to know is that this is mostly due to the fact that Bread & Butter Marketing is no longer an Irish company, but is now a UK online marketing company, based in Troon. This was due to my husband Mark getting a new job in Glasgow, so we upped and moved to bonnie Scotland. We are still very much working with Irish and UK clients though, and while we miss Dublin very much, we are enjoying everything Scotland has to offer.

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So what has inspired me to finally write another post? Well it was actually nothing to do with online marketing, it was instead our membership of +1% For The Planet. This is an organisation I first heard about through one of our early clients, +Frugi – Organic Cotton Clothes. who make gorgeous ethical children’s clothes. 1% For The Planet was set up by the founder of Patagonia, Yvon Chouinard, to provide an alliance of businesses with a framework to support the environment.

It’s a fairly simple model, businesses join, paying a membership fee based on the size of the company, and pledge to donate 1% of their turnover to environmental charities. It can sound a bit ‘worthy’, but if you look at it slightly cynically, actually it also makes great sense from a marketing point of view. For a business like mine it gives us a really good introduction to other similarly minded businesses, and also helps to build our brand as an ethical business. Membership entitles you to use the 1% For the Planet Logo which means new potential clients can instantly see what we feel is important, and hopefully that encourages them to work with Bread & Butter Marketing.

Anyhow, I really enjoy the time of year when it’s time to make donations, and I spend rather a long time agonising over the ever-growing list of potential charities I can choose from. Note – any environmental charity can apply to register with 1% For the Planet – if you’re reading and know of any that might be interested, please encourage them to sign up and then let me know so I can consider them as a potential recipient next year!

This year, in our new home in Scotland, I decided to split my donation between two charities as I couldn’t decide between them in the end, and the two I have gone for are the John Muir Trust and the Bumblebee Conservation Trust.

The John Muir Trust 

The John Muir Trust is dedicated to helping to conserve the wild places left in the UK. I have spent a lot of time enjoying the wild parts of Scotland and wanted to help them to continue to thrive. The John Muir Trust owns several large swathes of wild Scotland including part of one of my favourite places  Knoydart estate (see map below), which is home to most wonderful and most inaccessible pub in the UK – The Old Forge. If you zoom in on the map you’ll see that there is a road or two, but they are ‘off-grid’ and only for local traffic. The only way in is a full day’s hike over some seriously big mountains (3,000ft+) or by boat. I’ve done both and can say it’s definitely easier by boat but you fairly feel you deserve your pint if you go over the hills!

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The Bumblebee Conservation Trust

I’m absolutely not an expert on environmental matters or ecological ones, but I do find it very concerning that bees still seem to be having a very hard time at the moment. The numbers are still plummeting and I feel it’s really important that we both find out why this is happening, and try to stop it. Bees are responsible for pollinating a huge number of plants and crops that we need and it seems mad to allow them to die off unchecked. There was a study recently that seems to have found a link between pesticide use and bee colonies collapsing and the EU is now considering banning some of these pesticides. I suspect there are many things hampering bees and so am really pleased to be able to donate to the Bumblebee Conservation Trust in the hope that they will work to ensure that we continue to be able to rely on bees to pollinate our plants.

I’ve really enjoyed this whole process and feel very lucky to be a member of an organisation like 1% For The Planet. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about it, and will perhaps consider joining it too (we offer a 10% discount to fellow members remember!).

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