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World Oceans Day-Beach Clean up

I noticed while walking on the beach yesterday after a massive south swell hit that it looked like a plastic nuclear bomb exploded on our beach.   It really was depressing and I wanted to do something so I called up the sunset surf crew and we all agreed on what needed to be done.

What better thing to do on World Oceans Day then to take action, give thanks, and clean up the beach that we cherish so much.  So we got up early today, yes on a Saturday morning, armed with rubber gloves, sunblock, and a roll of trash bags we were ready to get “dirty.”  We started on the South end of the beach and made our way all the way up to the river mouth where we were greeted by some of the local fishermen looking at us oddly.  After they realized we were actually cleaning the beach and not some gang of bandits getting ready to jump them they smiled and gave us the good old “Pura Vida.”  Pure life, “exactly my friend thats what its all about making the world a better place for our future generations,” Pura Vida!

Ok I will be the first one to admit we have been putting off this beach clean up for way too long however I am proud to let everyone know that this is now going to be a monthly event and it will extend to Dominicalito as well, our featured beginner surf lesson spot just a short drive from Dominical.  It felt good and I knew the rest of the crew was filled with pride when we finished, we made a difference today who knows if we saved any marine life from the fate of chocking on a plastic bag but we sure hope we did.

So, on this side of the earth, in a small village on the southern pacific coast of Costa Rica, we gathered a group of friends and coworkers and had a beach clean up. We filled up a number of trash bags with anything and everything you could imagine.  We did this for a number of reasons so that our kids can enjoy a clean beach, tourists continue to come, to show pride in our beach, and that the marine life will hopefully be a little safer.

I was taught at a young age that, “you’re actions speak so loudly that no one hears a word you’re saying.”  It was time to lead by example, sweat a little, get dirty, and do our part.  I wish it were Oceans Day everyday! If you love the ocean as much as we do, please don’t leave your trash behind and a good habitat to do after surfing is to pick up a few pieces of trash on your way back to the car. Hopefully others will see your example and do the same when they are done enjoying the ocean that gives us all so much!

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