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What Cant This Stuff Do

Its an interesting thing when you make the switch over to shave oil. You relish in the fact that you stepped out of ‘the norm’ and found something better. Something different. You realize that you have the ability to surprise yourself, and it makes you start to wonder what else you can do with your new found discovery.


After we had created the KIND* formulation and tested it for extended periods of time, I too started to think of other uses for this unique blend of essential oils. I got a little addicted to exploring all of the different ways I could use it, both for shaving and non-shaving purposes. After all, it is organic and free of toxins, so any excuse I could find to expose my skin and my body to it was a healthy move on my party.

After researching, experimenting and going through an inordinate amount of KIND*, I feel I have found some pretty great uses for this magical elixir. Here are the top ten uses I came up with:

  1. Treating skin conditions like eczema. I am fortunate not to be plauged with any of the annoying skin conditions out there like, but my partner, Travis is. He gets eczema on his face and almost learned to deal with it. After he started using KIND*, it went away completely. This is easily explained because several of the essential oils in KIND* have been used for centuries to treat such annoyances, but it is so cool that one can remedy their skin issues simply by shaving with KIND*. 
  2. Hand Moisturizer. I get dry hands during the winter. They get so dehydrated that they can crack and bleed at times. I tried using lotions, but they only brought slightly reprieve. Add to that the fact that I don’t like putting on lotion for any reason, and it makes me even more frustrated at the situation. After i started shaving with KIND* I noticed that my hands were no longer drying out so badly, so I took it to the next level and started applying it a couple of times during the day. Bam, no more dry hands. Want to really take it to the next level? After your pre-bedtime shower, smother your hands in KIND* and put on rubber gloves for the night. When you wake up your hands will be softer than your wife’s.
  3. Bath Oil. I would be lying to you if I said that I took baths. I am a shower guy. My wife on the other hand manages a couple of baths a month and she always uses bath oil. One time she put in several pumps of KIND* instead of her normal bath oil and she loved it. It lacked the super-floral scents that she was used to and she swears that it moisturizes her skin far better than anything she has used before. Who would have thought?
  4. Hair Oil. Now I don’t use any products in my hair. Maybe its my minimalistic nature, but I usually just kind of let my hair do whatever it wants to do. A benefit of this is that I don’t abuse it with hair dryers and chemicals, but for those that give their hair a hard time, moisturizing it is very important. I do like to take care of myself though and conditioning my hair is a part of my regiment, so from time to time I put two pumps of KIND* in my hair and rub it in vigorously. I let it sit for about 20 minutes and then I take a shower to rinse it all out and I can tell that it adds lots volume. It makes my hair feel super healthy, not to mention the minty feel on my scalp is quite refreshing.
  5. After Sun Moisturizer. As if there weren’t enough lotions and potions in a bathroom cabinet, we seem to make room for after sun lotions. What are these except for lotions that are formulated and marketed a bit differently. Next time you come home with a little too much sun, rub in some KIND*. You will be amazed at how fast it disappears into your thirsty skin. The only ancillary treatment you need is to drink lots of water.
  6. Totally Replace Lotion. Do a little research online and you will find that lotions are pretty much a crock of sh*t. Comprised of approximately 70% water, they are not providing you the fatty acids that your skin needs in order to absorb and retain moisture. Want to really simplify your life? Start using KIND* as your skin moisturizer and go through your house and throw away (Recycle of course) every bottle of those annoying, scented, useless lotions. I know I did.
  7. Shave Your Head. Bald guys are bad ass, I always say. I am not a small guy by any measure, but if a man with a shave head is staring me down, I am likely to tuck tail and run. The intimidation factor is off the charts, just ask Bruce WIllis. But down deep, every guy is sensitive, right? Turns out , men that shave their head have to deal with some very sensitive issues. First of all, shaving your dome takes some skill and you really need to see where you are shaving so you don’t get cut. Secondly, a bald head is exposed to all of the elements; harsh sun, cold, dry air, you name it. There is not one product better than KIND* for you hairless intimidating, sensitive guys out there.
  8. For the Ladies. We created KIND* with men in mind, but turns out this stuff might have more uses for the ladies that for men. All of these other uses listed here aside, when it comes to shaving legs and the ever-sensitive bikini area, the ladies need KIND* more than we do.
  9. No More Red Nose. I kind of pride myself as being a guy that doesn’t get sick that often. That all went out the window when I had kids and they starting bringing back the latest and greatest variation of whatever is going around. During the cold season this last year, I got it good. I was blowing my nose for over ten days straight and man did my nose start to get red and irritated. One evening before bed, I rubbed in some KIND* around my nostrils where they had been rubbed red. Sure enough the next morning, my nose was back to normal. Everyday it would get irritated from the constant tissue use, every night I used KIND* and every morning I woke up with a new nose, ready for another day of battle.
  10. Shaving Down. Endurance athletes, more specifically swimmers, bikers, and even some runners like to remove all of their body hair before their races. Understandably so, as it not only reduces friction in the water, but road rash (the effect one experiences after taking a spill on their bike and sliding along the asphalt) is a lot worse when body hair is present as it hands on to more dirt and grime in the wound, which causes more infections and longer healing time.

So there you have it, in no particular order. The best ten ways to use KIND* other than on your beautiful face. I know, I know, sometimes I feel like the grandpa in ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding’ who uses Windex to remedy everything around the house. Call me crazy but part of stewardship and conservation is being resourceful. If you can find one product that has a lot of uses, then that is being a smart consumer in my mind. Simplify your life while taking better care of yourself, use KIND* in as many ways as you can find.

Do you have any other uses for KIND*? If so, let us know. We would love to hear about them!

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