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Trash Pickup for April 2013

To Make an Omelette, You Gotta Throw Away Some Shells

Green Cleanups The Greenfield Group

Some trash lying around the Tijuana Estuary

On Friday, April 5, 2013, Founder Rob Greenfield and three of his associates went down to the Tijuana Estuary to pick up some trash.  The Greenfield Group has committed ourselves to picking up a pound of trash for each “like” our Facebook page receives as part of our green cleanups initiative.  This means we are devoted to picking up tons of trash around the nation.  Before this past Friday, The Greenfield Group had picked up roughly 500lbs, far short of our 3,300 fans.  On April 5th alone, the four Greenfield Group representatives helped to pick up another 200lbs.  We have a lot to go, but we will make sure it all gets picked up!

Green Cleanups The Greenfield Group

Cheryl Davies, Rob Greenfield, and Kestrel Jenkins help to pick up trash

During this cleanup, no trash was brought or created.  This means that all of the bags, buckets and containers used to pick up and transport the garbage we found on the ground at the estuary.  Since Rob will be creating no waste during his upcoming across the country cycling adventure, it was good practice to only use the items found at the estuary.

This is the last of Rob’s trash pickups before leaving on his Off the Grid Across America adventure.  During this trip, Rob Greenfield and his cameraman Brent Martin will be picking up trash as they go.  Rob has devoted his life towards a green lifestyle, so it is a safe assumption to say the roads to the east coast will be much cleaner after this cross country adventure than before it.

Since Rob expects to gain followers to both Greenfield Adventures as well as The Greenfield Group, he knows that his efforts on this trip may fall short of the amount of fans The Greenfield Group has.  Because of this, The Greenfield Group plans to partner with organizations and bring volunteers to pick up thousands of pounds when he returns in August.  Be sure to stay tuned to this blog, Greenfield Adventures, or either Facebook page to find out more and keep up to date.

The Greenfield Group Green Cleanups

Kestrel Jenkins, Rob Greenfield, and Cheryl Davies with the 200lbs picked up.

Look at the Facebook Album to see some more photos of this cleanup, the first Tijuana Estuary Green Cleanup, as well as the random bags cleaned over the past few months.


Author: Sean Aranda

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