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There’s nothing better than seeing new additions to the 1% network, especially when they’re fascinating new companies. Be sure to checkout some of our recent summer members that have made the commitment and have come aboard!


Most companies have closets, even warehouses full of outdated marketing materials made from cloth or other soft textiles. BRANDcrafted provides new life to these fabric-based items by repurposing them into high-quality marketing swag.  They’ve produced goods for corporate gifts, charitable goods, swag for consumers, bloggers, influencers, and press; gifts for employees, partners, and stakeholders; and useful goods for non-profit organizations.


For example…Say your company needs 1,000 new tote bags for an upcoming tradeshow. Rather than ordering new bags (likely made overseas from raw natural resources), BRANDcrafted™ can turn your company’s outdated field tents, banners, etc. into high-quality tote bags made with superior design and craftsmanship, right here in the U.S.

Even more, every finished item includes your company’s logo and a label that explains your do-gooding. So, now you have your 1,000 tote bags, you’ve saved natural resources, you’ve kept used materials out of landfills, AND you have a social responsibility story to tell your consumers, employees, and stakeholders.

Symposion Mykonos

Symposion Mykonos is a villa rental and concierge company on the extraordinarily beautiful island of Mykonos, Greece. They are a team of young internationally experienced professionals who simply like to make people smile. The owners decided to give the name Symposion to the company because the experience of being amongst friends is important for us, just like in an ancient Greek symposion.

Symposion Mykonos was inspired to join 1% FTP because like many people around them, they were troubled by the impact that human activity has on the environment. When done irresponsibly, the luxury tourism industry can create an enormous amount of waste and environmental degradation. Symposion Mykonos proves that there is an alternative.  Going on luxury holiday travel can also generate benefits for local societies and the planet.

The owners are looking forward to forging partnerships with companies that share their vision for the travel industry and those that recognize that human activity can be channeled in a more positive direction that will help to preserve the environment for future generations.

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