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“There was a good month and a half where I only ate out of dumpsters.”

For 1% for the Planet Ambassador Rob Greenfield, the terms ‘mission’ and ‘adventure’ are synonymous.

On April 20th Greenfield set out from San Francisco, California on a bamboo bike to trek 4,700 miles to our headquarters here in Waitsfield, Vermont.  Though that feat alone is extraordinary, it was not his main goal.  Along the way, Greenfield sought to raise awareness about how much food, water, and energy we waste by showing how few resources he needed to cycle across the country.

Greenfield dubbed this trek “Off the Grid: Across America” because he never turned on a faucet or a light switch. By using only electricity generated from renewable energy sources, eating local, organic, unpackaged food, washing and drinking from natural sources like streams and rainwater, and regularly blogging about his experiences, he generated a large following.

Unconventional?  Sure. But he inspired hundreds of followers to join him and Love Blue.

“I crossed America without turning on a faucet on the grid, without taking a shower, without washing my clothes in a washing machine, without using a toilet, and without washing my hands in a sink,” Greenfield said when he arrived in Vermont.  He crossed the entire US on only 160 gallons. But there’s more… “There was a good month and a half where I only ate out of dumpsters,” Greenfield said, pointing out he only got sick once, though he believed it was due to exhaustion.

On the afternoon of August 1st, Greenfield arrived in the Mad River Valley, flanked by a couple members of the 1% team joining him for the final miles of his journey.

They arrived to a generous reception from Timbers Restaurant, a 1% member business, and Sugarbush Resort, providing a delicious lunch to conclude the 104 days of Greenfield’s sustainable trek.  “At the finish line I was greeted by my 1% for the Planet family and they welcomed me to Vermont like mothers and fathers and brothers and sisters.  I couldn’t have imagined a more beautiful end to the adventure, and today my family grew by a few dozen people.”

Think about it: if Rob can make it coast to coast with zero footprint, can you make an effort turn off the lights when you leave the room? Join Rob and #loveblue!

To learn more about Rob Greenfield’s crazy journey and his upcoming plans, go to his Facebook page or visit

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