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Spot a crocodile at Tarcoles River in Costa Rica

The adventure with Costa Rica surf camp starts as soon as you get off the airplane. The drive to the coast is quite an experience itself, the road is surrounded with green valleys, cloud forests and dense jungle, which are signs you arrived to the tropics! Home to all kinds of amazing species of animals ranging from many types of monkeys, sloths, birds, jungle cats, and the great crocodile, a trip to Costa Rica is not complete without seeing wildlife in there natural habitat.

Spotting animals in the jungle can be fun and a wonderful experience, however seeing a crocodile up close gives you an entire different feeling when you see them compared to other animal species. Its exciting and a little scary at the same time! A great place to spot crocodiles and definitely the most safest way is to stop on the bridge off of the main highway 34 at Rio Tarcoles. Here, at this bridge you can look below to find many crocodile, at times there can be more than 25 crocodiles basking in the sun next to the river! They can appear as motionless logs at first, but after glazing below you can spot crocs moving everywhere. It is cool to watch these amazing “monsters” in their natural habitat. These large ancient crocodiles can reach up to more than 20 feet long and are also a master predator and can go unseen by its prey.

When you are driving to Dominical, our driver makes a quick stop at Tarcole’s bridge to spot your first crocodile! It is an experience that everybody enjoys, from kids, parents, to grandparents. Prepare you camera, let’s see how many you can find!

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