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Soom CMO

A bit about the coolest mom out-there, our CMO.

Shelby, Jackie, and I need help.  We are not too proud to acknowledge the fact that it’s likely we do not know some things at our ages.  28, 25, and 24, respectively, we admit we’ve hardly had enough time to gain an ample amount of experience.

Our mother, Cindy (Mom, to us) has had more experience than can be imagined.  Let me make it perfectly clear that I am NOT speaking about her age (love you, Mom)…  I mean, our Dad reminds us often that we’re approaching her 39th birthday at the end of this month.  Her experience comes from the successful business she had.

Our CMO’s business was called CKAssociates, specializing in corporate gifts and the advertising and marketing that comes with them.  She was the best; successful enough to give our Dad the opportunity to open his own business, running the company solo until she sold it.

When I was younger, I admired her profession because my sisters and I always had unique pencils, erasers and pens around the house to do our homework.  I can still feel this one pencil in my hand, it was silver-sparkly with a neon orange twist and a white eraser; there was a stark contrast between the rough wood and smooth covering.  I liked that I was the only person I knew with it.

Now that I’m older, and Shelby, Jackie, and I are trying our hands at entrepreneurship, I admire her for other reasons.  First of all, running a company alone is out of this world.  Being successful enough to allow your husband to start his own company (with their first baby born), is another level.  I am in awe of her foresight and creativity to create things that successfully represent a brand.

We couldn’t be luckier to have Cindy Kramer Zitelman of CKAssociates helping us out.  Stay tuned as she guides us towards expanding our products and refining our brand.  Maybe she can get a hold of that pencil (with a green twist) for us.

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