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So sweet

 Shelby shared this last week when she was in Israel.  

Last I was in Israel was for Jackie and Omri’s wedding.  9 months later I am back for a short 9-day trip for PresenTense staff development days.

 Over the weekend Jackie and I visited Clil, a remote village in northern Israel that operates off the grid.  In addition to some of the most incredible scenery and genuine people, Clil also boasts some of the world’s best honey (not subjective – it was won international awards).  

 The woman who makes the honey, Lilah, is a beautiful, natural woman who has a warm, nurturing, spiritual soul.  She is the type of person who speaks slowly and thoughtfully and it’s as if each word is selected for the purpose of that conversation alone.  

 We met Lilah to buy some of her honey and obviously we started talking about Soom Foods.  As soon as Jackie and I told her about our vision for tehina her eyes lit up.  ”tehina is the healthiest food,” she says (in Hebrew), “I eat it every day in so many different ways” and she started to list the dishes… 

 Coming from a woman who is so connected to the earth, passionate about food and committed to health, this meant a lot.  We have been gathering many of these stories, affirmations and positive feedback about tehina (specifically, Soom Foods tehina) but for some reason, Lilah’s explanation of her “relationship” with tehina was especially inspiring. 

 I hope that one day we can capture that energy in each soomful of Soom Foods tehina, (definitely if (one day) mixed with a drizzle of clil honey.)

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