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sheJamz’s take on One Percent

Jackie here.

I was in New York City this past spring and I went to a great bar with some friends. One of my friends ordered a beer that I had never heard of. In-between sips, I took the bottle to take a look at the label. To my surprise I saw a 1% For the Planet (FTP) icon on the back of the bottle. I got really excited! I had just looked into 1%FTP for Soom Foods and therefore I knew what the logo stood for. (For those of you who don’t know what 1%FTP is, read our previous blog or visit their website.)

Soom Foods became a member of 1%FTP this past April- promising to donate 1% of our annual sales to a list of registered environmental non-profits from their website. Originally we had joined 1%FTP for that reason, to give back to the environment. However, we soon realized that 1%FTP is more than that; it is a great way to network and locate potential partners, clients, suppliers, and wholesalers.

On the website there is a huge database of more than 1,200 companies that believe what we do- that donating 1% of their sales to better the environment is not a net loss, but rather a net gain.

Looking through quickly, I came across these companies we’d love to reach out to.  I recently shared these in an email to Shelby and Amy, and am happy to share them with you!

1. she makes her own granola and has a quarterly magazine. (Amy met Elizabeth at the Fancy Food Show in New York!)

2. – they are a pure honey company with honey from Africa. more importantly, if you look on their website they have these awesome squeeze packs for athletes… I think those would be great! 

3. – small salad dressing company started in 2012 (only two dressings).  

4. – Hawaiian olive oil company with specialty spreads and dips. 

5. – honey company from PA 

6. – A locally owned natural grocery store in Greensburg, PA  

7. – honey company in NJ

8. – Paper packaging materials

9. – a pancake chain in vermont… i think a maple tehina sauce would be great! 

10. – tehina ice cream is becoming very popular in Israel! (Amy met them at the Fancy Food Show in New York!)

Our dad always taught us that it is much easier to do business with people that hold the same values as you, and we don’t take his advice lightly. We plan to use 1%FTP much more so that we can work with other companies that value what we do.


Please disregard posted by Amy.  This was written by Jackie- she’s just busy in Israel and the time difference makes it tough.

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