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Peak to Beach Ultra Adventure

Bedrock Athlete, Naresh Kumar, created his own ultra adventure this past weekend.

Step 1: Summit the highest peak in the Continental US , Mt. Whitney, at 14, 505 ft. Through sharp rocks and thick snow Naresh found the summit nearly barefoot in his Bedrock Sandals. Wasting little time up top, Naresh ran down to the base traveling 22 miles and over 12,000 vertical feet in total.

Step 2: Enter Big Basin State Park and run the Big Basin 50k. The race starts in the Redwoods of the Santa Cruz Mountains and winds its way down to the Pacific Ocean. Naresh started the race with little sleep from the Mt Whitney summit and altitude sickness from the 15,000 vertical foot elevation difference.  He managed to fight fatigue and finish the race in the Pacific Ocean – completing a Peak to Beach weekend of Bedrock fun!


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