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New Members Love Blue!

Based in Stowe, VT, SalesBlend is an innovative marketing firm that is on a mission to help your small business grow.

SalesBlend is proud to join the 1% For The Planet network, and happy to participate in a cause, which gives business owners who understand the essential value of a healthy environment the opportunity to contribute.  “In general, we want to preserve ecosystems and biodiversity because we believe the world is immeasurably valuable in its own right, not just in what it produces for mankind.”  Many of the company’s customers are in the travel and tourism industry and SalesBlend benefits when people travel to natural destinations such as national parks. “Therefore, we consider it our responsibility to support and conserve the great places and species that support us–through our donations, we will provide direct financial support for conservation.”

Through their 1% For The Planet commitment, this year SalesBlend will be directing funds to one of the world’s most enduring and active conservation organizations. The World Wildlife Fund, founded in 1961, labors around the globe to protect endangered species and ecosystems while promoting more sustainable human activities. ??The missions’ of the World Wildlife Fund and 1% For The Planet nicely parallel SalesBlend’s own values. SalesBlend strives to pursue responsible business practices and to support environmentally sustainable initiatives. “We’re excited to be able to act on these commitments with our new membership.”

We are thrilled to have this local business in the network and encourage the small business owners in our network to look at their amazing services.

Tolomato Outdoors Insurance, based in Saint Augustine, FL is an insurance brokerage firm focusing on outdoor insurance programs for businesses and individuals.  They specialize in matching businesses and individuals with the right insurance protection to keep the great outdoors truly great.

“We at Tolomato Outdoors Insurance are committed to protecting our natural resources for future generations. Joining 1% for The Planet was the perfect communication tool for exercising our commitment and recruiting others that share our passion.”

Our partnership with the Charleston Waterkeeper, the non-profit watchdog organization of the Charleston watershed, exemplifies our earnestness.

Charleston Waterkeeper is a member of the National Riverkeeper Alliance, and believes the public has a right to “swimmable, fishable, drinkable water”.

By using empirical data derived from hands on testing in strategic locations in the watershed, scientists are able to determine how much pollution is being dumped in the water and where it originates. Waterkeeper officials take that information and seek solutions through cooperation, or litigation if necessary.

We’re so happy to see Tolomato Outdoors Insurance be so proactive in finding an appropriate nonprofit partner.  It sounds like there’s good things to come!

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