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Looking Around

The first half of June was a lot for us.  Soom Foods could count the number of sample/sales tables we had done on one hand; and the first two Sundays were filled with pretty legitimate events: The DC Gluten Free Expo, and Israel @ 65 in DC.

gfexpo      isl65 

I didn’t realize just how much would have to go into the events.  Preparation, packing the car, table set up; standing, talking, sales; more talking, more standing, more sales ;-) ; clean-up, pack-up, leave.  The week following keeps on with the momentum, contacting people I had met, some office-type duties, and the still fairly rare (but extra exciting) trip to the bank.

 I can honestly say we’ve learned a lot!  Each event our table gets better.

 I think it’s a good time to take a breather and look around.  When starting a business and your responsibilities are everything from warehouse management, to marketing, sales, and deliveries; it’s easiest to keep your eyes looking just ahead of you. 

Each day I had a to-do list, did the to-do list, had as much as a life as possible (mostly revolving around Taz), and slept.  

I learned that great trick from a friend when we were hiking up a wooded mountain, off the trail. I joked it was too far and I wouldn’t make it; Josh told me to just pick a point not too far away, make it there, and pick again.

We reached the top before I knew it; and when I got to really look around, I realized how far we came.

 I’m looking around.  I’m happy to look back and see how far we’ve come; we got our first import, started sales, and are growing the consoomer community. 

 It’s even more fun to focus on the next mountain.  What’s that one look like?

Build a team that can grow with Soom Foods; find a (some) distributor(s); and develop our product.

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