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Freewheeling for the Environment!

If you love cycling and if you are looking for a way to give back to the planet while having a marvelous time, then check out Climate Ride. And, while you are at it, choose 1% for the Planet as your beneficiary – to date we have turned every one dollar donated to us into $40 for grassroots environmental group, making us almost as efficient as a human on a bicycle!

In 2008, two very spunky gals, Caeli Quinn and Geraldine Carter, joined forces and created Climate Ride – a nonprofit offering fabulous cycling events that are fundraisers for organizations working on environment, conservation, clean energy, sustainability, climate education, or bicycle advocacy. Over the past five years, Climate Ride has donated over $1 Million total to its 50+ beneficiaries, including 1% for the Planet.

We at 1% for the Planet love Climate Ride for a whole host of reasons: the multi-day, fully supported rides (4-5 days in Northern California and 5 days from NYC to DC through Amish and farm country) are through gorgeous country and are meticulously run; the other riders are super folks – engaging, excited to be cycling, and not afraid to have fun and enjoy the very environments they are helping to improve; the inspiring speakers and visionaries who are involved (see Paul Hawken below), and the fact that as a group, Climate Riders wield a strong voice on behalf of a healthier planet – our very mission.

So … if you are on the lookout for ways to engage in physically active philanthropy, consider signing up to do a Climate Ride. As a rider you will designate a beneficiary organization and you will need to fundraise a certain amount, a portion of which will go to cover basic ride expenses, the bulk will go toward your beneficiary nonprofit. There tend to be 150-200 riders per event and, rest assured, each day there are just as many folks pedaling sedately and enjoying the scenery, as there are keeping a cadence and checking heart rate monitors. It is too late to join this year’s NYC-DC Climate Ride (September 21-25), but now is prime time to consider joining the next California Climate Ride (May 17-20, 2014) – just think of how much training time is available!!

In 2013 twenty-one Climate Riders chose to ride on behalf of 1% for the Planet. We cannot thank them enough for demonstrating how to support the environment while grinning from ear to ear and pedaling with abandon! In thanks, we of them will be sporting a 1% for the Planet t-shirt as a sign of our appreciation. Join them in grins, impact, and sartorial splendor and sign up as a 1% for the Planet Climate Rider today.

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