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Discovering the underwater world of Costa Rica

There are so many wonderful places to see and explore in Costa Rica, ranging from hiking through lush rain forests, enjoying beautiful empty beaches with great waves,   and discovering what lies in the depths of the Pacific Ocean.

At our Costa Rica surf camp, along with surf lessons, we provide tours to all the attractions that Southern Costa Rica has to offer. One of the most thrilling tours is a day trip to dive or snorkel Isla de Cano. Located about 30 kilometers off shore from Dominical beach, it’s easily accessed by an hour boat ride.

Once there you will be happy to find clear waters full with marine life; turtles, whales, manta rays, dolphins, hammerhead sharks and many species of coral fish, to name a few. Both, first timers and experienced divers will marvel at the beauty and variety of the reefs and sea creators. This island was once a sacred burial site for pre-Columbian Indians,  where many  archaeological sites have been found.  However, recently Isla de Cano has become a reserve which put a halt to all foot traffic on the island.  Now you will enjoy have to enjoy the scenic island from the comforts of the boat knowing that its eco system will be safe for our future generations.

Costa Rica surf camp premium package includes lodging, breakfast, transportation, surf lessons, massages and a wide range of adventure tours. Snorkeling and scuba diving are few of the many activities for our guest to enjoy!

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