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A Surfer’s Diet

Surfing in the warm tropics of Costa Rica will challenge you to push your body and mind to the next level.  What we eat before and after you surf plays a big role on our performance in the ocean. When the waves are good you want to have energy to keep you surfing longer, so a surfer’s body needs to have healthy fuel; clean, unprocessed, organic food. If you put poor quality fuel into your body you will only get poor quality performance results. Staying hydration is very important, a surfer needs to consume large amounts of clean pure water throughout the day. The tropical sun and warm water in Costa Rica will only increase the chances of getting dehydrated.  Luckily while visiting us in Dominical at our Costa Rica surf camp you will be provided with all the purified spring water you want, so drink up.

Before your surf session or surf lesson, eat high-energy foods such as, oatmeal, fresh fruits, and a local favorite “gallo pinto”; rice and beans with eggs. Avoid eating heavy foods high in fats and refined sugar, for they will only make you tired quicker in the water.

After surfing, a surfer needs to enjoy a good healthy meal that replenishes nutrients and energy that was lost during a fun day in the sun. This meal should be high in protein and  well balanced with carbohydrates. Grilled chicken or fish with rice, vegetables and salad is an ideal post-surf meal. Drink plenty of clean water, more than you think you need. In fact, our brain sends the same message of hunger as thirst. So often, we eat when we need to drink water!

We at Costa Rica surf camp, believe by eating well, staying hydrated, and practicing yoga, you will make your body run on a higher level. This will make us live longer and be happier surfers!  So remember while surfing in Costa Rica take advantage of all the fresh fruit and stay hydrated with all the fresh coconut juice you can drink.


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