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UK Member Helps Wildlife in Africa and Asia, a UK-based medical illustration company, joined 1% for the Planet last year. In their first year as a member, they chose to support the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation. Tim Butler, Studio Manager at, discusses the accomplishments of the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation and why chose to support them as a nonprofit partner…


The David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation (DSWF) supports a range of innovative, vital and far-reaching projects throughout Africa and Asia, achieving real results for wildlife survival. Their programs include: sending undercover agents into the field to investigate illegal wildlife crime, training and supplying anti-poaching patrols, establishing nature reserves and other protected areas, working with governments to establish conservation laws and regulations, educating wildlife consumers about the plight of the animals they “use,” and teaching young people about endangered wildlife through art and school projects.

Recent achievements of DSWF include: launching TigerTime, a campaign to save the tiger in the wild and bring an end to the illegal trade of tiger parts from all sources, uncovering ivory cartels in Zambia, seizing thousands of pounds worth of ivory and arresting poachers, setting up Zambia’s first elephant orphanage project to rescue, rehabilitate and release the innocent victims of ivory poaching, providing increased funding for extra security to protect the black rhino in South Africa, reducing poaching in Russia, allowing Siberian tigers to increase from 100 to over 400 in the wild, purchasing land next to one of South Africa’s National Parks, home to the last 800 surviving mountain zebra, extending the park by over 200%, funding the first ever anti-poaching dog squad in Assam to track down rhino and tiger poachers in India’s most north-eastern state, and funding undercover operations of Africa’s first cross-border Task Force fighting wildlife smuggling.

DSWF was introduced to 1% for the Planet by Joanna Culley, owner of and a long-time supporter of DSWF. Joanna said of the donation that made to the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation:

“I have been a long time supporter of the great work that the DSWF does for wildlife conservation and as a fellow artist I have a great professional admiration for founder David Shepherd’s world famous wildlife paintings. We are proud to be part of 1% for the Planet because it shows that we are genuine in our commitment to the environment to our customers. I would encourage other businesses to join 1% for the Planet, and I would certainly encourage them to donate to DSWF, as we will be doing again next year as part of our 1% commitment.”

Joanna made her donation to David personally when she was invited to his art studio in Sussex, England (pictured below).

Sally Case the CEO of DSWF said of joining 1% for the Planet as a recipient organization:
“To get a donation like this is great, but to be introduced to 1% for the Planet is even better as we now plan to encourage more corporate donations. We work very hard to keep our administration and marketing costs down so that the maximum amount can be used for conservation projects so being able to piggy-back on 1% for the Planet’s brand and organization is great for a charity like ours.”



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