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Jennifer Roldan of True Liberty Bags tells us why she joined 1% for the Planet and supports local nonprofits…

True Liberty Bags is a vibrant and rapidly-growing business with headquarters in beautiful Northern California.  While the region is known for its scenic beauty and abundance of wineries, it’s also home to many family-owned farms that produce great local food.  “We love the area in which we live,” says Jennifer Roldan, co-owner of True Liberty Bags. “It’s one of the reasons we chose to start our business here.”

True Liberty Bags joined 1% for the Planet in 2009 and is proud to have donated funds to more than a dozen local organizations, including the CA Academy of Sciences, Carbon Fund, CA State Parks Foundation, the Leadership Institute for Ecology & The Economy, the 5 Point Film Festival and Laguna de Santa Rosa Foundation.  True Liberty values sustainability and is constantly making eco-friendly decisions regarding all aspects of running a business.  “1% for the Planet has a wonderful network of people working together for the common good of our local and global communities and we wanted to be part of that,” adds Brian Lopes, who runs the business with his partner Jennifer.

True Liberty Bags knows that good health for all is dependent upon the quality of the environment in which we live.  Access to nutritious food is essential to good health.  One of the exciting changes occurring with regard to the environment is the focus on sustainability, which includes the movement from dependence on large chain food conglomerates to more active support of the local specialty market, the local farmer’s market, or the always-fun street corner produce stand.  Who doesn’t love the taste of a juicy ripe tomato or slice of mouth-watering watermelon fresh from the field with a dash of salt added?

A greater interest in cooking at home and doing more at home to reduce energy usage has increased the demand for high quality growing products that can be used in any kitchen or garden.  True Liberty Bags are the “secret weapon” that organic farmers, food storage experts and hobby growers are using to keep their foods fresh, healthy, and delicious!  True Liberty Bags are produced from FDA-approved food-grade, BPA-free material, and they are made in the USA!

We are grateful to 1% for the Planet for providing us with the opportunity to help others.  We value serving with a “think-global and act-local mindset”.  We are also proud to be able to provide a product that helps people preserve food from local sources, while at the same time developing and supporting a greater sense of community.

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