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Taking Action

When I first heard about 1% for the Planet, it immediately sounded like an inspiring concept. It shows that there are company owners out there who have some deeper values than just making a profit. I especially love the idea of total transparency and the way all donations are paid directly to grassroots organizations and not through 1% for the Planet’s system.

I believe that the environmental crisis cannot be stopped by just waiting for legislation or public opinion to change. It’s necessary for companies to take action and change the way they operate. Companies should assume a bigger social and environmental responsibility and focus less on maximizing profit. Instead they should focus on maximizing the positive impact they can have – both in their community and on a global level. An economy that is based on endless growth is an impossible idea. As a micro business owner, I hope that my partnership with  1% for the Planet will inspire other companies to minimize their environmental impact and support NGOs.

This year I donated to three organizations:

Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation
They purchase old, untouched forests with donation funds and apply for permanent protection for them according to the Nature Conservation Act. We have lots of forests in Finland (ca. 77 % of the surface), but just a tiny fraction of them are old forests with a rich biodiversity. With my donation, they protected 600 square meters of old forest.
Offsetting won’t take away the CO2 emissions I have generated, but, in my opinion, it is still better to offset emissions than do nothing. This time I supported a reforestation project by donating funds for 100 planted trees.

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society
I really respect their bravery and efforts to protect marine life. Earth’s sea ecosystems and fisheries are collapsing and Sea Shepherd is really making a difference by being an effective direct action group.

This post was written by 1% for the Planet member Jari Salo, a freelancer specializing in creative direction, illustration, design and new school marketing. Jari lives in Helsinki, Finland, and works with both local and international clients. Along with being a 1% for the Planet member, Jari tries to reduce his ecological footprint by running his home and office on wind power, driving a bio ethanol fueled car made from bakery and brewery waste (when he’s not riding his bicycle or using public transportation), and being a vegan.

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