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Eco-Friendly Inspiration

New 1% for the Planet member Vali Homes is a home development company based in Phoenix, Arizona.  Focused on fulfilling a strong commitment to the communities and environment they serve, Vali Homes builds high quality, comfortable, eco-friendly homes.  Every house they design is completely unique, built to LEED Platinum standards, and boasts net zero energy consumption.

Vali Homes designs for those who believe that sometimes less can be more.  Their customers embrace a simple, fulfilling lifestyle by driving electric cars, eating organically, and taking part in their community.  Vali Homes protects the best interests of their customers by building durable, healthy, inspiring homes.

“We are very excited to now be part of 1% for the Planet.  We are a company of outdoor enthusiasts.  My wife and I hiked the John Muir Trail for our honeymoon.  Living in an ecosystem as fragile as the deserts of Arizona, the effects of industrialization and the need for conservation couldn’t be clearer.  We believe that a strong community can have a much greater influence then individuals and some industries such as new home construction need to make some radical changes as a whole.” -Austin Trautman, LEED AP Homes

1% also welcomes new member Karmeru!  Based in Ontario, Canada, Karmeru creates custom jewelry meant to inspire!

Karmeru is run with a true love for the planet and a commitment to giving back as a lifestyle choice.  Their belief in the fundamental importance of being yourself, being adventurous, and being happy gave rise to their meaningful jewelry collections.  Karmeru believes with each change of season, it brings new wardrobes, new challenges, and new possibilities.  By catering to these ideas, they cater to you!

“At Karmeru, we celebrate our love of this world. The ocean air on our skin, the wind in our hair; the freedom to live, to explore, to experience it all, and to succeed. We love to travel, try new things, walk with our feet in the water – those things that make us breathe deeply and realize how lucky we are.”

The 1% for the Planet team welcomes Karmeru and Vali Homes to the network.  We’re so happy to have you!

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