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A weekend ago the 1% for the Planet community came together in our home town of Waitsfield, Vermont for a network first: running 26.2 miles to raise funds for organizations working hard to keep New England beautiful!

And what a weekend it was.

The 1% for the Planet Mad Marathon was the Vermont stop on the 1% for the Planet 10th Anniversary tour and the culmination of weeks of fundraising and awareness-building. Friday, Saturday and Sunday were filled with celebration and, or course, some running.

And… while we’re not usually ones to boast, there was some pretty fast running done by team 1%FTP.

Collectively our teams raised thousands of dollars for organizations including The Staying Connected InitiativePenobscot River Restoration Trust, the AMC’s Bay Circuit Trail, United Plant Savers, Lake Champlain International and Clear Water Carbon Fund. Thanks to all of you who supported the runners! To top it all off, network teams placed first and second in the five person relay division. Go team 1% for the Planet and team Staying Connected!

Conversation, arts and crafts, the first appearance of the 1% for the Planet Blue Room and reps from The Nature Conservancy, Vermont Green Building Network, Vermont Fresh Network, Clear Water Carbon Fund, United Plant Savers, Lake Champlain International, and Vermont Mountain Bike Association made for a great time. A big thanks to the Mad Marathon for providing us with Expo space and a great forum to engage runners in discussion about how they could get involved in conservation in the Northeast.

The days leading up to the race were filled with 1% for the Planet events and brought our message to the thousands of people who visited the Valley over the 4th of July holiday.

A Friday night concert from 1%FTP Ambassadors Dwight & Nicole set the tone for the weekend. It also market the first appearance of John Egan, 1% Ambassador and Chief Recreation Officer at Marathon sponsor Sugarbush Resort. He fired up attendees for the tunes to come and was the voice of the Marathon and 1% for the Planet throughout the weekend.

As the clouds parted and sun made a miraculous return to the Mad River Valley (after more than 30 days of rain) their soulful sound got a steadily growing crowd on their feet and feeling good.

1% for the Planet was back on stage the next night. Stephen Ritz inspired attendees at the Mad Marathon Kids Race to think about the ways local Vermont food systems in can contribute to healthy communities and empowered individuals–we’re AmeriCANs after all!

He would know! Stephen has spent the past several years helping inner city kids “go from crack to cucumbers” with his nonprofit The Green Bronx Machine. If you haven’t seen his TED Talk, take a minute right now and watch it. You’ll be glad you did.

To top it all off, the 1% for the Planet network gathered at our headquarters Saturday night for a 10th birthday party. We connected with friends old and new, heard inspiring words from 1% for the Planet leadership and Klean Kanteen co-founder Michelle and loaded up on carbs from the Skinny Pancake. We even fit in a few hugs on a rug! Then it was to bed so our teams would be ready to run in the morning…

…and the rest is history!

A HUGE thank you to all the people who made the 1% for the Planet Mad Marathon a success. The nonprofits who raised funds and travelled from several states away, the team at the Mad Marathon and the staff and supporters who brought a fledgling concept in to being.

A special thanks to the businesses who sponsored the race: Dirty Girl Gaiters, EcoTools, Elemental Herbs, Klean Kanteen, People Towels, Plak That, Racer Frames, ReFleece, Skinny Pancake, Steel Cow, Surf Sweets, WAI SUP, and West Coast Expeditions.

We couldn’t have done it without you!

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    What a great weekend!

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    Dodged the rain!

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    Good work team.

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