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At 1% for the Planet we are delighted to have a number of charitable foundations working with us to advance our mission:  to build, support, and activate an alliance of businesses financially committed to a healthier planet.

We are a nonprofit organization that relies in part on licensing fees/dues from our members companies (Thank you to all of our dedicated members!) and in part on outside funding.  This latter is provided in part by foundations eager to leverage our capacity to reach out to companies and direct-action environmental nonprofits and maintain a vibrant, growing network.  We would like to take a moment and thank the following foundations (listed alphabetically for the most part and not meant to be comprehensive of all our donors) for their generous 2013 donations to 1% for the Planet:

The Jessie B. Cox Trust has pledged a large, multi-year grant to 1% for the Planet to help us grow our network and advance our network giving within New England.  Our recent involvement with The Mad Marathon, the first marathon devoted to sustainability allowed us to deepen our impact with a number of environmental groups and initiatives working in New England.

The George Gund Foundation has provided us with a grant to aid our efforts to reach out to nonprofits and larger businesses working in Ohio in particular.  Given our new strategic initiative around getting publicly traded companies to sign up as 1% for the Planet members with established brands/product lines and the fact that so many of these companies base in Ohio, the fit with Gund’s gift is terrific.

The Johnson Family Foundation has been a staunch and generous donor for many years now, providing the kind of funding that is incredibly precious to any nonprofit: the unrestricted grant.  The Santa Barbara Foundation has also provided such a gift.   This type of grant allows 1% for the Planet to efficiently and creatively deliver on its promise of robust network benefits to member companies and partner nonprofits.

The Orfalea Foundation is in the first year of a beneficent multi-year grant titled, “Healthy People, Healthy Planet”, that will focus on increasing corporate environmental stewardship in California.  Finally, the Weeden Foundation has provided several years of much welcomed support to help support our efforts in the area of land preservation/conservation.

From the entire 1% for the Planet network, thank you for the support! Your investment has created a powerful ripple effect across both the business and the natural world.

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