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Ambassadors Advocating for Action

On the heels of a super-successful Mad Marathon weekend dedicated to sustainability in the Mad River Valley, 1% for the Planet can breath a satisfied sigh of relief.  Not only are we immensely proud and grateful of our network of members, NGOs, donors, and other helpful hands who made the weekend possible, we’d like to give a special shout out to 1% for the Planet Ambassadors Dwight Ritcher and Nicole Nelson, Stephen Ritz, and John Egan.

Without their inspiring voices we wouldn’t have been able to show people exactly what 1% for the Planet is about.  Read on to meet them for yourself!

Dwight Ritcher and Nicole Nelson of ‘Dwight & Nicole’ first established themselves as a rising rock and soul duo in 2010 with their acclaimed debut album, !Signs.  In 2012, Nelson competed on the third season of NBC’s competition show ‘The Voice,’ earning the love of all four judges and thousands of fans with her first audition.  Nelson was also named 2012 Female Vocalist of the Year at the Boston Music Awards.  As a duo, ‘Dwight & Nicole’ are now looking forward to the release of their next album, Shine On, this fall.  They also hope to spread the word about the importance of sustainability through the power of their music, drawing on their strong, growing fan base to support the cause of the planet!

Learn more about them and listen to their music!

It’s no secret that Stephen Ritz’s sustainable vision for his nonprofit ‘Green Bronx Machine‘ is taking over New York City.  Based in the South Bronx, Green Bronx Machine works to teach at-risk kids of all ages the importance of healthy eating and how to grow their own gardens.  This movement for sustainability is spreading rapidly, gaining Green Bronx Machine local and state-level government and school support and recognition.  Now they are over 3,000 strong with gardens built into the walls of schools all over New York City and the roofs of buildings in and around the city.

Read all about them on their website and watch the Stephen Ritz TED talk that earned a standing ovation!

1% Ambassador John Egan has been an integral part of the Mad River Valley and Sugarbush Resort communities for over 30 years.  Helping to pioneer the world of extreme sports for decades, Egan first gained national recognition in the early 80’s when Warren Miller identified him as one of his next stars.  Egan went on to make more than 20 extreme skiing films with Miller and other international filmmakers.  In 2006, he was rated one of the top 48 greatest skiers of our time and most influential people in the last 35 years by Powder Magazine.  Today, Egan continues to contribute to the Mad River Valley community, remaining both an athletic icon and a charismatic advocate for sustainability.  Of all people who understand the importance of preserving nature’s beauty, Egan would be an expert.

See John Egan in 80’s action!

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