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Açaí in the Amazon

Deforestation is a global issue that impacts all of us.  From encouraging people to recycle at work and at home, to trying to use fewer paper towels, to buying recycled printer paper, many of us have become much more environmentally conscious.  Unfortunately, for the displaced native tribes and endangered species in the Amazon, the effects of deforestation industries have been infinitely more severe.  New 1% for the Planet member, Tambor, has seen these negative effects first hand and has decided to do something about it!

Tambor is building a sustainable business model that focuses on the responsible harvesting of the açaí berry: a highly nutritious, dark purple berry grown on the açaí palm in the Amazon.  By protecting these trees, maintaining fair wages for harvesters, promoting organic practices, and educating consumers worldwide, Tambor is devoted to local and international sustainability.  Their products promote a commitment to healthy living by being naturally nutritious, organic, Non-GMO Project Verified, and free of fillers or soy additives.  (As an added bonus, they’re delicious!)

As a new member of the 1% network, they now donate one percent of their annual revenues to support environmental initiatives in their harvest regions and around the world.

“At Tambor, we are driven by a passion for quality açaí and healthy living. We encourage our customers and suppliers to join us as we continually seek ways to improve our community and the world around us.”  – Founders Daniel and Talita

Thank you Daniel and Talita for all of your efforts!  It’s wonderful to have you in the 1% for the Planet family.

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