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2013 Bike to Work Week Round-Up

Gavin wrote in his preview post, we had to postpone B2WW this year and weren’t
able to participate in the nationwide celebration. So here’s our belated report
from the perspectives of Patagonia Reno and Patagonia Ventura (with photos from Retail). And while every day
is bike to work day for many Patagonia employees, it’s become tradition to have a friendly little B2WW competition between the two offices.
Who rode the most miles this year? Read on to find out.
Reno Round-Up
By Gavin Back

“As I waited nervously on my bike for the Scavenger Hunt to begin, I glanced at the clues: ‘Budweiser’s Arch Enemy’….Easy. The Coors Factory next door. I rushed over there and went straight to the reception area where I was met by two gentlemen, beer drinkers, judging by their builds.

‘Hi, I’m participating in a Scavenger Hunt. Do you have a flag here for me?’

‘No. But how old are you?’


‘No way! You’re not yet 21! What year were you born, what year did you graduate and who was your high school QB?’

“I answered their questions, they seemed happy and one of them disappeared somewhere. He returned, said, ‘Here’s your flag’ and gave me SF Giants keychain, a bottle opener and a patch. ‘We often get kids in here telling us that they’re on a Scavenger Hunt looking for a 12 pack. We never fall for that, but you’re a good guy!’”

And so began Josh’s Bike to Work Week Wrap-Up Party…

[Above: Participants in the First Annual ‘Skav-unger Games’ at Patagonia Reno. All Reno Photos ©Tyler Keck]

2013 was one of the most successful Bike to Work Weeks ever seen at the Patagonia Reno DC. We saw more participants than the previous year and managed a cumulative total of 3,715 miles. For every mile cycled, $1 was donated to local bike advocacy non-profits, so a grand total of $1857.50 each was given to the Reno Bike Project and Kiwanis Bike Program. Special credit to Brendan Lewis who pedaled an impressive 32 miles a day round trip! He was given an Osprey backpack as a well-earned reward.


We had great incentives for cyclists throughout the week, including free breakfast every day courtesy of Chef Laura, complimentary tubes and water bottles (thank you SRAM Neutral Support), t-shirts designed by Miki Proud and Val Martino and printed by Bryan Spicher and his crew, and free Patagonia socks. In the weeks building up, bike tune-ups were provided by Eric Carter, Casey Clark, Carlos Ayala and Kevin Lippman. They all did a fantastic job ensuring that over 40 bikes were in top condition and road safe. A huge thank you to everyone.

The most memorable moments were the awesome events and raffle prizes. The B2WW Committee decided to try some new ideas this year. Wednesday morning saw a dedicated group of riders (and Sean on his longboard!) meet at 7am outside Walden’s Coffeehouse, then rode together as a Critical Mass.


On Thursday afternoon, Celia Johnson hosted a hilarious ‘Fix-a-Flat’ competition, won by Nina Viola and Bryan Spicher. Honorable runners up were Amy Garrahan and Joel Oberly.

The week came to an energy-filled finale, opening the First Annual ‘Skav-unger Games’ – an inspired idea from Tyler Keck. Having been given a map and five clues, contestants had to ride to the selected destinations and find a hidden flag and return it to Tyler (no body checks allowed!). Combining fast legs and smart powers of deduction, our five winners were Ethel NÍ Mhurchú, Val Martino, Jon Fairchild, Eddie Davis and Bobby Toms.

While we were entertained by DJ Flatliner and a keg of New Belgium Ranger IPA, the draw for the raffle prizes took place. Each rider received a ticket for every day they rode (two if you wore a helmet) and placed the ticket into the envelope for the prize of their choice. We had a fan