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“We think every bit counts”

Charles, David, Karen, and Joanna from czb, LLC explain why their urban planning and neighborhood development consulting firm joined 1% for the Planet…

At czb, our clients are cities trying to become healthier, both fiscally and otherwise.  For strong cities we advise, like Boulder, Park City, and Santa Fe, the work is about becoming more equitable, and in the process of addressing affordable housing needs, reducing congestion and commuting impacts on the environment.  For struggling clients, like Bridgeport, CT, Stockton, CA, and Canton, OH, it’s about becoming more competitive and retaining strong households, which involves adaptive reuse of materials, working within a finite boundary, and growing demand.

It was natural for us to join 1% for the Planet. When we see what 1% FTP members are doing and what beneficiary nonprofits are able to do with 1% proceeds, we could not not join!  The inspirational work of the Marin Agricultural Land Trust, River Keeper, Chesapeake Bay Foundation, and so many more organizations not only compliment our work, but also reinforce our values at czb and extend our reach and impact.  As planners and strategists, we can accomplish many things for communities.  In planning for and then executing an annual contribution to 1% FTP, we deepen our impact.


2013 is the fourth year that czb has been a proud member of 1% for the Planet.  Small as we are, we think every bit counts, and we are exciting to keep adding a little bit at a time.

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