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Updates from the Road!

1% for the Planet Ambassador Rob Greenfield continues his Off the Grid, Bicycle Ride Across America.  As of today, he’s pedaling his was through Nebraska.  Despite some challenging weather conditions, Rob was kind enough to touch base with us and provide a quick update.

Some thoughts from the road…

Living Off the Grid Across America has been challenging, rewarding, inspiring, and highly emotional.  Since I left San Francisco 40 day ago I have managed to stick to my goals and it has been a fight each day.  My solar gear has excelled at keeping me in communication and I have only plugged into one outlet and have not turned on a light switch yet.  100% of my water has come from local sources like rivers, lakes, and wells and I have not turned on a faucet yet that is on the grid.  Up until just a few days ago I had managed to not purchase a single food item that wasn’t locally grown and organic.  I’ve also only generated 4.5 pounds of trash in 40 days which is about 1/10th of a pound per day. That is 1/40th of what the average American produces. All but a few ounces of that were actually recycled too. I haveplanted native wild flowers in all seven states that I have been in.  These daily challenges on top of social media, blogging, cooking, biking, and sleeping have kept me quite busy but I have managed to squeeze it all into my 18 hour days.  Each day I am inspiring others and teaching simple ways to live a healthier life for the planet.

I’m certain that each of us as individuals has the power to make a difference in this world and I’m going to continue empowering others to feel the same way.  By making simple changes like turning off lights when not in use, taking shorter showers, or not using plastic grocery bags and straws we can make the world a healthier happier place tomorrow.

You can follow Rob’s adventure at his blog, which he is updating regularly as well as his Facebook page.

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