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The Ride Continues! Rob’s Latest Update

1% for the Planet Ambassador Rob Greenfield continues his ride across the country, pushing the limits of endurance and sustainability.  Here’s the latest from his blog.

05/31 (Day 42)

I awoke at 6:00 and stepped out the door into a beautiful Kansas morning. I took the morning to get caught up online and organized my gear that never ceases to get unorganized. For the first time in a while I made a fire to prepare myself breakfast and I cooked up a dish of potatoes from way back in Steamboat Springs with mushrooms and corn. It kept my hunger, which is back in full force, satisfied for a few hours at most. On the road at 10:30 and it was a hot one.

It took a while to get out of Lincoln and I pedaled close to ten miles through the residential neighborhoods before coming out on the north side of town. I stopped to admire some huge wind turbines create electricity out of thin air and then was into the farmland. I missed my turn northeast onto highway 6 and continued north on the farm road for a few miles before realizing it. This added about 5 miles onto the trip to Omaha but I didn’t mind for many reasons namely the pleasant road to ride on, the fresh air to breathe, and the sun shining upon me.

Highway 6 took me to Ashland, Nebraska, which I just had to explore since I am from Ashland, Wisconsin. This was my first time being in any Ashland other than my hometown. This Ashland was about the quarter of the size of mine at 2,500 residents and the business street was called Silver Street rather than Main Street my Ashland. There were plenty of differences between the two cities and I enjoyed comparing them. Just after Ashland I got the idea of testing out my next sustainability campaign, Stand up for Sustainability. I’m removing the seat from my bike and trekking across the state of Iowa standing up. The combination of my bare feet and the lack of a seat was quite exhausting and a majority of the muscles throughout my body were burning all day. It appears that it might be more of an upper body and core workout than legs but with that being said my calves were burning pretty bad too. The trial led me all the way into Omaha for 40 miles of barefooted standing up riding but not before I stopped at a grocery store dumpster in Gretna and scored about 20 good apples and bread to last me a few days. I found enough food, much of it not even expired yet, to feed about 50 families for the day. I filled up a box full of bread and brought it across the street to an apartment complex where I gave it to a lady who said she’d put it out for the residents. I don’t imagine what I found in that dumpster was an uncommon occurrence.

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