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The Organic Whey To Love Blue

Natasha from The Organic Whey painted a beautiful picture of why they are committed to our network…

The Organic Whey decided to give 1% of our revenue to the Agricultural Institute of Marin because their mission is completely aligned with ours. Since most of the founders of The Organic Whey come from a family of farmers, our company was started with two objectives:

1) Supporting small family farms who have dedicated their lives to sustainable farming and being the stewards of the soil which gives us our food and even has the potential of taking care of excess greenhouse gases.

2) Help in creating consumers who are concerned and aware of their food sources and those who are involved in growing it. This would eventually reduce the prices of organic foods and making nutritious food available to everyone.

After doing a lot of research, we found that Agricultural Institute of Marin was the closest regional organization which was bringing consumers closer to nutritious food available at their 8 farmer’s markets. What was crucial in this decision was that they accept food stamps (WIC/EBT) at all of their eight farmer’s markets. We feel that it is very important for people using WIC to have access to the most nutritious food available. Women, infants and children are the future of our society.

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