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Rob Greenfield Keeps Rolling!

1% for the Planet Ambassador Rob Greenfield keeps trucking his way across the country, pushing the limits of endurance and sustainability.  Here’s the latest from his blog.

06/15 (Days 57)
I woke up abruptly to the sound of rain. I thought I had left my bag open on the deck and that it was getting soaking wet but then realized it was right next to the couch I was sleeping on in the living room. It was gloomy and cold morning but it could have been worse. I figured the rain would probably stop a lot of people from joining us for the ride and I was ok with that, as I desired a relaxing day with close friends. Mitch, Casey, Brent, and I got down to Bradford beach at 10:30, just 1:30 after we were supposed to get there to meet anyone that might be joining on the ride. The rain had let up and although it still wasn’t a warm day it was still pleasant. And one guy from Milwaukee named Bruno joined us!

So we were on our way around 11:00 and it was an absolute joy to be pedaling alongside some of my best friends. It made the pedaling extremely easy and I considered the fifty miles that we had to do today a joy and not a task at all. We took our time and made lots of little stops. Each mile was pleasurable as I talked with the guys. This had been a leg of the journey I was looking forward to since before it began. Mitch has been a best friend of mine since 2006 and Casey has been coming a better and better friend every time I see him. Bruno turned out to be a really cool dude too. For all three of them this 100 miles would be the longest trip they’d ever been on and the first time doing a multi-day bike trip and I was very excited about that.

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