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Proud To Contribute

David, the owner of GreenBody in Saint Paul, MN explains why he is committed to our network.  Next time you’re in Saint Paul, stop by the gym for one of his kettlebell or yoga classes!

GreenBody is financially committed to the 1% for the Planet movement because we, like the many creative, progressive and environmentally responsible companies, care about the health of our Planet.  As an owner of a business that supports and develops people to be stronger, healthier and live a more sustained active lifestyle, I feel it is within the duty of my company to give back.  As a guy who gets to make a living playing in the ultimate gym, nature, I want to give back.  1% for the Planet and its network of verified environmental nonprofits provides an easy means to do so… amazing.

For the previous two years, I have chosen the Will Steger Foundation as the recipient of my 1% for the Planet donation.  The Will Steger Foundation is a local nonprofit that leads the way in educating, inspiring, and empowering people toward solutions to climate change. We are proud to contribute to their great work. (Thanks David!)

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