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Love Blue & Love Bees

As a growing number of schools embrace gardening, honey bees are generating the latest educational buzz.

The humble honey bee plays a huge role in our food supply. Experts estimate that one in every three bites of food you eat depends on pollination, either directly or indirectly.

“You can’t learn about growing fruits and vegetables without learning about bees,” says Jeff Miller, a beekeeper and educator at DC Honeybees in Washington, D.C. “Bees are as important to the process as sun and water.”

This coming year Whole Kids Foundation will award its first round of approximately 50 hive grants for schools as part of the new Honey Bee Grant Program, a natural extension of the Whole Kids Foundation School Garden Grant Program.


Hundreds of schools have already expressed interest in hosting hives to enhance their gardens and to use as teaching tools. Despite their stingers, honey bees are actually docile creatures, and with a little education they can coexist in sweet harmony with kids in the garden.

With reports of bee populations declining, education about honey bees is more critical than ever. Tending to hives and observing bee activity provides kids with vital lessons about biology, agriculture, ecology, nutrition and even business. Bees do more than make honey. Pollination is also key to increasing the size of plants, fruits, flowers and overall crop yield.  Supporting this program can accomplish so much.

Please visit the Whole Kids Foundation website to learn more about this amazing new initiative.  You can also get in touch at

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