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Introducing AudioTheme

1% for the Planet member, Luke McDonald, is excited to announce one of his newest ventures…

AudioTheme is a music driven theme shop that provides artists, musicians and record labels with a variety of music related features, all located in one place, for a fully manageable website.

Founded by Luke McDonald of CELTIC7, Studio Inc., and Brady Vercher and Brody Vercher of Blazer Six, Inc., AudioTheme provides an all-in-one solution to meet the growing web needs of today’s independent artists, with self-contained themes that allow for full website control. All themes are professionally designed by experienced developers to give music makers a stunning, smart, and fan friendly online presence for a fraction of the cost.

In support of its launch, AudioTheme is offering a free one-month Framework trial and a free one-year Personal License, with any theme purchase. A portion of AudioTheme proceeds will go towards Open Source Audio projects and nonprofit groups such as the Starkey Hearing Foundation and 1% for the Planet.

Visit for themes and frameworks.

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