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I wanted to establish a culture of giving…

Matias, the proud owner of 1% FTP member Toast, weighs in on why he supports our network through his donations to the Native Fish Society. Thanks for Loving Blue in the Northwest, Matias!

As the founder of Toast, I wanted to establish a culture of giving and social responsibility within the company before we even sold our first product.  1% for the Planet was a perfect organizational framework for this.  Of course, its founding members are companies that I look up to and aspire to.

My introduction to Native Fish Society was through fellow fly fisherman, who taught me about the importance of fighting for native fish populations and habitat.  I am lucky to live in the Northwest and be close enough to the Deschutes River to fish it regularly and experience that amazing river system and large population of native trout and threatened steelhead.  The more I learned about fly fishing, fish habitats and the problems caused by fish hatcheries and non native fish species on already threatened wild fish populations, the more I wanted to help.

Native Fish Society is the one group fighting hard to remove old, unused dams, protect and restore habitat and inform the public about the real problems (and wasted money) caused by fish hatcheries. Native Fish Society has a great River Steward Program where they team up with and support River Stewards who represent their local river systems and advocate for wild fish and habitat.  These River Stewards become the local expert on their particular river, monitor it and help collect data and use the best science to backup their fight for wild fish.  Native Fish Society has a track record of success both in the courts and in our waters and Toast is proud to support them and their great work.

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