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Flies, Fish & Fun!

Author Kirk Werner not only explains what a “woolly bugger” is, but also explains the importance of Trout Unlimited… thanks for Loving Blue, Kirk!

Years ago when I wrote the books featuring Olive, the Woolly Bugger, I knew that the character could (and should) become a voice for conservation. In addition to being fun, engaging stories that all kids (and big kids) will enjoy, the books introduce the basics of fly fishing and tell stories that include the fish that live in the streams.

Being a voice for conservation comes naturally to Olive. A Woolly Bugger, for those who do not know, is one of the most popular and effective fly fishing “flies” used by fly fisher anglers worldwide. Woolly Buggers know a thing or two about catching fish.

Most fishermen become, by virtue of their love for fishing, stewards of the very resources that allow them to pursue their passion. Without cold, clean water there would be no trout, so taking care to ensure that fish have a healthy habitat becomes part of an angler’s life. Trout Unlimited plays an important role in leading the way for coldwater conservation— this is why I’ve chosen them as the beneficiary of my 1% membership for the past two years.

TU understands that kids are an important part of the future as well and offers an educational Trout in the Classroom program as well as Stream Explorer memberships for kids. Kids are the future stewards of our natural resources so we must bring them up with a caring awareness for the forests and streams. Taking kids fishing is a great way to create this awareness and foster a bond with the environment, and fishing is the top gateway activity for getting kids involved in other forms of outdoor recreation such as boating, hiking, camping etc. My hope is that kids from all over will read my books and get hooked on fishing and ultimately all that goes with it.

Olive the Woolly Bugger, Trout Unlimited, and 1% for the Planet seem to make for a perfect trifecta in education and conservation and giving back to the environment.

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