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Save the Planet, Feed Your Soul

In the words of James Cummings…

When I started Dawn Patrol back in 2010, it began with the idea of offering people a product that was smarter and better than what they were currently being offered. When it comes to marketing, surfers are often included with the ‘extreme sports’ crowd and I’ve always felt that was sort of off-the-mark. I feel we’re a different kind of athlete. Companies that market energy drinks and other energy products seem to do so in a general, all-encompassing, one-size-fits-all manner. They claim their product will make you ‘better’ at everything, whether a person skateboards, snowboards, surfs, rides a motorcycle, drives a race car, base jumps, etc. After hearing one-too-many of their marketing claims, I set out to create a product that actually did what they all claim to do, but backed up by science and results instead of commercials. By choosing scientifically-proven ingredients that specifically address the physical needs of a surfer, Dawn Patrol boosts performance, energy and endurance, without the questionable stimulants, sugars, and other ingredients found in other ‘energy’ products.

The appeal of joining an organization like 1% for the Planet is a natural one for me. Before I ever thought about trying to run a business, I was thinking about how I could help my local community. I learned from an early age that volunteer work, beach clean-ups, fundraisers, and petitions were all tools I could use to affect positive change in my community. It is also a great way to meet awesome people and get involved with great causes. Whether it was hitting the beach at dawn to clean up litter or transforming a beat-up patch of dirt at a local park into a fresh flowerbed, the fulfillment I gained from making a positive physical change to my community gave me such a valuable sense of purpose. It was like nutrition for my soul. Accordingly, when I started my company, my guiding mantra was “Save the Planet, Feed Your Soul”.

Shortly after I joined 1% FTP, I was contacted by the Ocean River Institute. They provide individuals around the world with specific opportunities to make a difference saving wildlife, protecting ecosystems, in environmental education, science, and conservation. They mentioned at the time they were working on legislation in Florida to reduce nitrogen and phosphorous pollution in its waterways. More specifically, the Indian River Lagoon. That happens to be where I grew up. I spent a lot of my childhood fishing, boating, and wakeboarding in the Indian and Banana rivers. This group was doing the same work that I used to do locally, but in a bigger, better, more effective way. ORI works with local lawmakers and representatives to positively influence legislation that brings healthy change to these affected areas. They do the same for ecosystems and wildlife all across the country. Supporting ORI with my 1% FTP membership gives me the same sense of purpose and fulfillment I get from helping my community locally. I had their logo added to our label in efforts to raise awareness and support of the organization and I always enjoy a new opportunity to spread the good word about them.

Thank you 1% FTP for giving me the opportunity to discover and support such a great organization. (You’re welcome- thanks for your support!)

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