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Saving Endangered Species One Bar At A Time

In the words of Kimberly from Fabled Frog Soap

It is difficult to fit all of the reasons why I have partnered with Endangered Species International and 1% for the Planet into one short story, but I will give it a go.

1% FTP gives businesses an opportunity to contribute to organizations that are truly making a differences by evaluating their performance. There is a sea of organizations and we cannot possibly evaluate each one. The service that 1% FTP provides is invaluable. Thank you! (You’re welcome!)

Partnering with ESI was easy, my interest is in saving endangered species. I am a biologist by training, but have been interested in the natural world since I was very little, selling wild flowers for a quarter and fishing in the lake with a string on a stick. I want future generations to have the same opportunity to explore our natural world. We are only a part of the greater organism that supports us. The most vulnerable species are telling use we are endangering ourselves and we must make changes.

Rain forests are being cut down at a rate of about 1 1/2 football fields per hour for the production of palm oil. Nearly every soap product is manufactured with plantation palm oil, even ‘natural’ soaps that claim to be made from sustainable ingredients. Sandalwood trees harvested for essential oil production, for scenting soaps and cosmetics, have become nearly extinct in India. Rosewood trees in Brazil and the Cedar Atlas trees in Morocco are in a similar situation. The Argan trees are threatened due to oil production for the cosmetic industry. Clay is mined from sensitive ecosystems for the soap and cosmetic industries. The common link to these and many more similar issues is that they are causing the disappearance of many amphibian species that are the indicators of our environmental health. About 40% of amphibians are threatened or endangered.

What is the true cost of the products we consume? I believe the one thing I can do to make a difference is to educate the consumer about the impact their use of soap has on the ecosystems where the ingredients are harvested. ESI and 1% FTP have given my business the opportunity to provide value beyond just a bar of soap.

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