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Towards 9 Billion

Terrafiniti LLP is a pioneering sustainability and systems consultancy dedicated to driving sustainable change. Through our work with companies, NGOs and in international best practice processes we endeavour to drive sustainable behaviour and deliver value for clients, wider society and the planet. Our R&D and thought leadership initiative, Towards 9 Billion, seeks to create change through developing big, playful and hopeful ideas for a sustainable future.

In addition to our work, we believe we can make a practical contribution to people’s lives through our membership of 1% for the Planet – to use the product of private enterprise for the common good. Terrafiniti is therefore pleased to continue our support for SolarAid for a second year as part of our 1% for the Planet commitment.

Our business is focussed upon stimulating and developing the capacity of individuals and organisations to build a thriving and vibrant sustainable future and SolarAid’s focus and approach fits perfectly with these goals.

SolarAid is scaling access to solar lighting in off-grid communities in Africa by establishing a distribution network with local entrepreneurs and looking to eliminate the use of dangerous and dirty kerosene lamps. Their work, to build self-reliance and enhance life chances through developing access to sustainable technologies, makes simple yet vital and positive changes to the opportunities of people who are too often left behind by top down approaches to human and infrastructural development.

All action requires energy; accessing the plentiful supplies of sunshine this planet receives everyday makes sense, now and in the future.

The approaches SolarAid pioneers in Africa today, may well be the pathways we all follow tomorrow!

SolarAid have the chance to win £500,000 in the Global Impact Challenge to further their life-changing work in Tanzania. Please spare ten seconds to vote for them here.

This post was sent to us from Joss and Dominic Tantram, founding partners of Terrafiniti LLP, based in the UK. Thanks guys!

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