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Support our Members that Love Blue

People that love being outside LOVE BLUE, and so do all of us at 1%.  With the unbelievable spring weather we’re experiencing in VT, it’s awfully hard to stay indoors, but of course we’re more than willing to do so in order to support our business members and nonprofit partners.  Recently, we’ve been very happy to welcome two great new businesses, Moberi and True Health Family Chiropractic.

Moberi is a Portland, Oregon Food Cart that specializes in bicycle powered smoothies and fresh juice. They started in 2011 with an old Schwinn Exercise bike with a blender strapped to it, a cooler, and a homemade portable sink. From these humble beginnings, they’ve grown to be a full-time food cart, a mobile events cart, 4 bike blenders, and an interactive catering business.

Moberi is super exited to join this community of environmentally responsible businesses!  They consider looking after the planet a given and joining 1% for the Planet is a good way to incorporate it into their business structure.

Moberi is currently raising funds for their next chapter through Kickstarter. The project video gives a good visual about what we do and where we are headed.  Check out the Kickstarter campaign here. According to the Moberi team, “the business is centered on a sustainable concept and it only makes sense for us to show our support for the organizations working every day to help keep our planet awesome! Hope to pedal a smoothie with you all one day!”

Started in 2012 in Stratford, CT by Peter Braglia, D.C., True Health Family Chiropractic’s mission is to educate, adjust, and inspire a health transformation in as many families as possible and to put them on the path toward optimal health. True Health Family Chiropractic offers safe, gentle, customized chiropractic for all ages as well as whole food nutritional supplements.  “1% for the Planet is a great fit for us because Chiropractic is a safe, natural, and non-toxic healthcare that does not put foreign bodies or toxins into the body and has no detrimental impact on the environment. The environment has a huge impact on our health, and we’re looking forward to partnering with groups who will help make this planet a better place for future generations.”

It’s awesome to have these great new businesses in the network!  Thank you Moberi and True Health Family Chiropractic for making this commitment.

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