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Mark Nicholson of Wilderness Creations sent us some info on why he donated to a diverse assortment of nonprofits this year- thanks for Loving Blue Mark!

We gave to 5 different charities this year. We chose to support the Coral Reef Alliance and The Sea Turtle Conservancy because the oceans are just so crucial and face so many challenges. When we do have a chance to get away from work and from the New England winters, we love to go down to the Caribbean and enjoy the beautiful weather and waters. We love to snorkel, dive, and view all of the amazing ocean life.

Another charity we gave to was the Adirondack Council which helps protect the Adirondack Park in upstate New York. Being in the Rustic/Adirondack furniture business, we are very tied to the beauty and culture of Adirondack’s.

We also gave to the Rainforest Alliance and to Save the Redwoods. We feel that it is incredibly important to find ways to protect the vital rain forests from abuse and degradation. The redwoods are a magnificent tree that deserve to have protection from irresponsible logging, so that future generations can witness their greatness.

Check out Mark’s Rustic Furniture Gallery to see his amazing work! My personal favorite is the barrel sauna….

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