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One Percent for Change

Grounds for Change joined the 1% for the Planet community in October of 2003, as member number thirty, and since that time has cultivated long-lasting relationships with numerous nonprofit organizations across the country.

Migratory bird habitat, the health of our oceans and marine wildlife areas, clean energy, livable wages at home and in coffee producing countries, clean drinking water, access to medical technology, microlending in disadvantaged communities and healthy environments are all issues that Grounds for Change supports through our 1% for the Planet nonprofit partners. Their mission, “To support social equity and environmental sustainability through fair trade, organic, shade grown coffee,” has, at its foundation, the idea that businesses partnering with nonprofit organizations, working toward common goals, can indeed change the world.

In these times, faced with some of the most pressing social and environmental issues ever, it will take collaboration, community and creativity to come up with solutions. These valuable partnerships through 1% for the Planet are a means for this change.

Cheers to Stacy & Kelsey for their continued support of our network! Check out their Facebook page for updates, giveaways AND to enter their haiku contest today! Here’s mine…

Member since 03

Giving back year after year

Thanks for your support

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