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Members with a Passion!

To help finish up a fantastic week here at 1% for the Planet, we wanted to extend a warm welcome to new member business One Tribe 2010.  Founded and operated by a great couple of guys, it’s great to have their enthusiasm in the network.

Here’s some words from the owners about why they’re in business.

We’re fueled by our passion for Surf, Skate, Snow, Global Ecological Harmony, Philanthropy and anything else we find that is Rad, Gnarly & Straight up Bad Ass. Now in its fourth year, One Tribe 2010 Clothing & Apparel began as a hobby of creating clothes with original silkscreen, old school heat press designs for family, friends & ourselves. Selling our first tee in 2010, this hobby has turned into an amazing endeavor. Offering high quality clothing and apparel products, the designs are a reflection of our proud culture, which is carved out and influenced by the old school evolution of the 60’s & 70’s along with a continued progression through the 80’s, 90’s, and today.  With growing community demand, we are extremely stoked to officially launch One Tribe 2010 to the world.

At One Tribe 2010, the original badass attitude of the 70’s is still as alive as it was when the roots of surf, skate and snow began to define the scene and explode into the mainstream. During this time period, people were simultaneously being given a shock of environmental consciousness. The birth of Earth Day catapulted a new perspective on how and why we live with each other on this big blue marble and why we should be channeling our energy towards environmental concerns. By bringing forth our own proactive initiatives and desire to embrace new innovative ideas, we believe teaming up with 1% for the Planet would help refine as well as positively impact our goal for global ecological harmony.

The important work being done through 1% for the Planet’s networks of businesses and nonprofits is not unlike several of our own in house programs. To simplify this message, we created “Envy Green”, which is dedicated to conservation and sustainable resources. Why Envy Green? Basically, we would like everyone to be envious of this awesome planet we call home and be encouraged to help preserve it for future generations. This platform will promote collaboration with 1% for the Planet members and assist global/local communities by helping them initiate their own programs or financially complement their efforts.

We hope to engage with the community to celebrate the flourishing ecological plans of companies that bring more attention to creating unique quality products and services. We are stoked to contribute one percent of our annual sales to aid ongoing programs and ecological projects throughout the world. One Tribe 2010’s enthusiastic focus is maintaining the original culture of this revolutionary period of sport with greater emphasis on putting our efforts into creating positive and sustainable results. Helping everyone to become successful promotes good health. The connection to 1% For the Planet illuminates the power of knowledge and how talented and passionate companies can bring together a variety of awesomeness to get the party started. And we at One Tribe 2010 like to party.

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