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We wanted to hold ourselves actionable and accountable…

Peter Steenwegen, the CEO of Lazer Sport snow helmets, weighs in on why they are members of 1% for the Planet- thanks for Loving Blue!


Why did we join 1% FTP?

It is easy to say that you support nonprofits such as those within the 1% for the Planet community, but ultimately by signing up and pledging Lazer to support the network, we wanted to hold ourselves actionable and accountable, not just as a philanthropic giver, but as a values based organization. We hope that our distributors, our retail network, and ultimately our consumers, embrace this through their own participation and action. We are proud to add the 1% for the Planet logo on our products.


Why did we choose POW?

Choosing to make our 1% for the Planet donation to Protect Our Winters was really very easy – they are the central movement within the snowsports industry fighting climate change. And they are a great organization to partner with – grassroots involvement, alliance of athletes, and the original research they are supporting about the future impact of climate change. We look forward to continuing to increase our support and partnership with them in the years to come.



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